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Keyword search

e.g., "plastid transcriptionally active", AT1G21600, RAFL06-75-B10, J013111D24

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  1. The query string provided is split into several words by spaces, and then the intersection of search result sets for the split words is returned. To search fo an exact phrase, please type the phrase in quotation marks (e.g., "ribosomal protein").
  2. When the radio button is selected, the target category of the entered word is recognized by the search program.
  3. The words with a prefixed query operator are recognized separately in their own category if “any cateory” is selected using the radio button (e.g., locus:at1g12340). Please see the section of query operators.
  4. Words without a query operator are automatically recognized as appropriate sections by their string pattern if you select “description” (e.g., RAFL02-01-A01).
    • A string is matched to the AGI locus name code (e.g., AT1G21640), and then is recognized as a locus name.
  5. Only Arabidopsis Genome Initiative (AGI) locus numbers (e.g., AT1G21640), ant not general names (e.g., apg1) can be used as keywords.

Query Operators

When these query operators are prefixed to words, the target category of the word entered is recognized by the search program.

e.g., src:riken, locus:at1g, cdna:RAFL02-01, desc:ribosome

srcResource keyword
locusAGI gene locus name
cdnacDNA clone name
descGene description

Resource keywords

Some resource keywords mentioned below allow the user to narrow a target down to only particular distributors.

e.g., src:riken

raflRIKEN Arabidopsis Full-length cDNAs
komeNIAS Rice Full-length cDNAs


The RARGE Full-length cDNA Database provides a search utility Arabidopsis full-length cDNAs.